Now Indians Will Get Minimum Internet Speed of 2Mbps

By | October 25, 2017

The Government of India wishes to bid adieu to the old 512kbps Internet speed and shake hands with setting 2 Mbps as the minimum speed for the Internet by ISPs, reported by Economic Times. According to a recent survey, India is on the top of a list of 23 major countries where people have denied having a life without the Internet. The actions of the government are in lieu with the visions pursued by it which includes smart cities, digital India programs, digital payments, and 5G Internet services.


Aruna Sundarjan, Telecom Secretary, said that the government is very well aware with the Internet speeds experienced by the users in various parts of country. “We are very slow. While we have done a lot on access to Internet, we have not been able to actually deliver the quality of service that is required,” Sundarjan said.

Here India is on its way to roll out 5G services and applications that primarily focus on Internet of Things (IoT) –the interconnection of computing devices embedded in everyday objects for the exchange of data. But, yet Internet speeds in 3G and 4G are not even close to what was promised.

Earlier, TRAI –our telecom regulator, had screened the weaker Internet speed in its ‘Consultation Paper on Data Speed under Wireless Broadband Plans’ released this June.

According to the report, it was observed that the advertised speed had a huge difference from the actual Internet speed. Mobile users face the same gap as the actual Internet speed is far less than what was quoted to them. Moreover, the data collected from TRAI’s mySpeed portal shows that quite a few of 3G subscribers throughout the country receive download speeds less than 1 Mbps. Sometimes these ‘below 1 Mbps’ speed goes to as low as 10Kbps.

Sundarjan noted on 2 Mbps threshold, “2Mbps is the basic minimum. Mandating it is must. If at all, it should be higher than that. It can’t be lower than that.”

As more and more companies are coming up with faster 4G services, TRAI is getting more concerned about mandating 2 Mbps as the minimum threshold.

The usage of 4G services have gained pace due to Jio, Reliance Industries owned network. But yet other telecom companies averse the idea of higher Internet speed for many reasons, as in report.

TRAI enlisted the main concerns, “Their main concerns in this regard were limited availability of spectrum per operator in 2G/3G bands; low coverage zones –basements, high rise buildings, tunnels; and variations due to external factors –subscriber’s device quality and type, number of subscribers browsing the data services, peak/ off-peak time, transmission bandwidth, website behavior etc. “

Another concern is the weak investments made in boosting mobile network infrastructure of some companies.

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