Use 4G Internet If Your Broadband Is Slow

By | November 7, 2017

Shift to 4G wireless broadband if your Internet is slow: My parents have suffered frustratingly slow Internet speeds and wasted many minutes of each day in attempt to access the web on sluggish InternetInstallation of ultrafast fiber was expected by them and they waited patiently, but despite a considerable population of 2500 in their small town, installation was not included in the first stage of the rollout.


They are included in the second stage but it means that they will have to wait for several years to get connected.But they no more need to wait for it; they shifted to 4G Internet for their home connection. Now, the download speed on average is 30 Mbps which is a significant increase from their previous 2 Mbps.

Saying it life changing might be an overstatement but it has seriously improved their digital lives. Swiftly browsing websites and effortless video streaming has become easier than ever for them.

4G Internet (also called as Home Wireless Broadband) is a way to get faster Internet access for people in small towns and rural areas (that are hard-to-reach). However, people in city with slow speed can also go for it.

Broadband needs copper wires or fiber cables for connecting to the internet while 4G Internet uses cellphone transfer for data transfer. I was skeptic about 4G Internet when my parents said that Spark recommended it. I struggled to get 4G on my phone at their house so I didn’t think that their Internet speed would be high as my expectations.

But I was wrong. Not only the 4G modem took a couple of minutes to set up but its Internet speed never went below 20 Mbps. Spark says that one can potentially get up to 150 Mbps with 4G Internet. Yes that may be amazing, but for an average user more than 20 Mbps is also good enough and allows easy streaming of videos.

To add more to its benefits the cost of using 4G is same as standard broadband plans. You can also keep your landline and there is a free trial period. However, if you ever want to take the unit on holiday then you cannot. The unit can only be used at its designated address. Millions of people are still dealing with slow internet speeds, even those in cities and big towns. The ultrafast fiber network will certainly be amazing when it will be omnipresent, but some people will have to wait for years. But if your patience has given in then I highly recommend 4G Internet.

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