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Thanks and Welcome to our website, And a special thanks for showing interest in knowing about me and Get WiFi Password before introducing myself I would like to introduce my website GetWiFiPassword, I started this website to help my users like you to fix all kind of wifi issues and to keep you guys updated with the wifi world.

About Steve Ben

Hey, I am Steve Ben founder of getwifipassword.com and the author of this website, I started this website because I am a passionate tech lover and a wifi technician, As a networking engineer I understand the various issues which every Wi-Fi user face in his day-to-day life so, to help you guys regarding wifi issues I started this blog.

Steve Ben

Steve Ben


I would try to update my site every week because there are particular reasons for it, first wifi is such a big niche that requires a lot of content that you guys need to know.

If you want to contribute to this website then I would really appreciate that too because sharing is caring so, if you have some content that is specifically related to wifi niche then you can share your views & research with my audience all you need to do is to keep few points in mind before pitching me (Steve Ben) or my team.

  • The word count of the article must be longer than 800 words or more the longer quality content you submit, the higher the chances of your post to be published.
  • The article must be in English language and 100% grammatical error because I hate grammar issues.

If you’re ready to contribute, you can find me on – steve@getwifipassword.com, or you can contact my team through this page.

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