Use Wi-Fi Hotspot on Android Oreo Without Signing In Everytime

By | September 27, 2017


Google has added Passpoint support to the latest version of Android using which there is no need of authentication to sign in to a WiFi hotspot every time.

“You’re there in a subway trying to gain access the WiFi but every time you leave one station the authentication window pops up again and by the time you authenticate; you have already left that station.” This story might sound like yours at times. Whether it is a subway or any other public place such as coffee shops or libraries, this situation might vex you anytime because most of the time new sign in is required every time you want to establish a connection even when you have done it before. In turn, it wastes a considerable amount of your time.

To eradicate this problem came the Passpoint from WiFi alliance in 2k12. Finally an industrial level solution was there to eliminate the need of users to log in again and again each time they connect to a network without sacrificing the security with highest WPA2 security. Passpoint is also known as Hotspot 2.0. Most of the mobile device manufacturers, network equipment vendors, and operators are accepting it gradually but at a slow pace as a new standard, but Google’s big leap to incorporate it in latest Android version may change the picture.

WiFi Passpoint will be seen in Android for the first time in the 8.0 Oreo release by Google. Definitely this would transform the way hotspots have been functioning for too long and convert the experience into an experience similar to using Cellular Data. However, there is a catch that not all devices with 8.0 Oreo can avail this feature. The OEM holds the right to add this feature or not and if the OEM decides to implement it then there are a few obligations that must be fulfilled for proper functionality of this feature.

Maybe you never get the Passpoint function in your device depending on your manufacturer but recommending Passpoint is certainly the right step taken by Google.

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