Asus’s Mesh Network Wi-Fi Router: All You Need to Know About

By | January 6, 2018

2017 was all about mesh Wi-Fi technology in the field of internet. Mesh Wi-Fi technology lets user expand their Wi-Fi network easily to each corner of their house with least hassle. It makes use of a specialized router and some nodes that gets configured automatically. The technology is better than using repeaters as the throughput is slower.


The most popular mesh router was Google WiFi which received all the hype on Amazon’s Bestselling router, later on the crown was taken by NETGEAR’s Nighthawk. Other popular routers were Eero, NETGEAR’s Orbi etc. For sure, mesh technology is the next big thing in Wi-Fi.

But, replacing your whole network with new devices can get heavy on your pocket. That is the only worry that holds us back from upgrading to mesh Wi-Fi technology. Seems like someone has finally understood our problem, Asus has rolled out AiMesh system. AiMesh system is supposed to solve our problem by repurposing our existing Asus routers into a part of a mesh Wi-Fi network.

Sounds interesting? The best part is that this is a free firmware update and runs independently. But here’s a catch, the firmware update is available only for select routers –namely, ASUS RT-AC68U, RT-AC1900P, RT-AC86U, RT-AC5300, and the ROG Rapture GT-AC5300. It is expected that RT-AC88U and RT-AC 3100 will get similar support by the end of the year. Some other routers are in beta testing and support will be added to its mesh centric Lyra system.

Now, how can you do this? Well, remember that this is exclusive for Asus routers. The setup is simple and anyone can do it easily. Obviously, you will need more than one router. Choose one router that can serve as the primary router and the rest would work as the mesh nodes. Plug them nearby in the main router. Now, run a factory reset on these node routers. Once the reset is done, the routers will automatically show up in the Asus Router app. You can then add those routers into your AiMesh system.

However, it will not automatically give you optimum results. You need to place the nodes, manually, in the optimal places. You will have to find that optimal position. The system is in its initial stage and we cannot expect tools like those Google offers for assisting in placing the nodes not too close or too far. But hey, the update is free and you really don’t need to buy any new devices. Therefore, AiMesh is a great idea for those users who look towards making the most out of their existing hardware.

Moreover, there are several advantages of AiMesh WiFi system as you can add, as many routers as you want, to the network while you have constraints in a bundled mesh Wi-Fi system. You can create multiple SSIDs for a single network, configuration from PC and mobile app both, and full router feature support. Asus claims that maximum speed could go up to 5300Mbps.

News is that Asus’s new 2018 line up of routers will also support AiMesh, convincing users to go for an updated model.

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