Bitcoin Mining Code Gets Installed While Using Wi-Fi at Starbucks

By | December 16, 2017

Have you recently connected to the Starbucks Wi-Fi to browse the web? If yes, then chances are that your laptop has the code installed that is used to mine for Bitcoin. This is exactly what has happened to one man who found a malicious code to mine Bitcoin in his laptop after using Starbuck’s Wi-Fi.

Starbucks was quick to address the issue and claims that the issue has been resolved. A spokesperson told that the problem was with the internet service provider and has nothing to do with the franchise. The spokesperson mentioned that the problem was reported last week and Starbucks reached out to the ISP to solve the problem, the Wi-Fi is not controlled by Starbucks.


Spokesperson assured that Starbucks will work closely with the internet service provider in order to avert such problems in future. Also, the issue was not found on any other franchise. Frequency of Bitcoin mining attacks are increasing; hackers are hijacking different computers for the crypto-currencies that are not in trade.

Servers are extremely expensive and thus to save money hackers are placing their scripts on popular websites, and as soon as the users visit it the infection is spread. Showtime –the official UFC streaming website, official website for Suburu merchandise and a few more websites have become victim of Bitcoin mining attacks from hakcers.

Some websites are putting the code for some extra cash; websites like The Pirate Bay are good examples. They take money to put the code on their servers.

Even if you don’t have any Bitcoin in your computer the hacker can use your computer’s processor to run the algorithm for finding Bitcoin around the world. A hacker needs a warehouse of computers to locate crypto currency in computers, and putting scripts on popular websites is the easiest way to get this much power.

The best way to ensure your computer’s safety from this mining software is to keep the security of your system up to date. The tools often block the code from running those sites which run it and the sites that keep it. If there is a sudden sluggishness in your computer while browsing the internet then chances are your computer is affected by the mining software. In such a case you should clear all the browser cache and scan your computers for any type of threats.

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