How to Boost Home Wi-Fi Signal Quickly

By | January 23, 2018

Let’s boost your WiFi signal. The frustration we experience when Wi-Fi signal drops off is inexplicable in words.45% of the times, when our Wi-Fi fails to connect, the signals are impeded by environmental factors like location of router, interference on channels or by other appliances.


There are many Wi-Fi signal boosters and extenders available in the market but let’s try something crazy. What about ‘tin foil hat’ for your router? Yes, researches show that a 3D-printed reflector wrapped in aluminum foil can have positive effect on improvising signal and security.

Though the primary culprit could be bad reception and dead zones, but with the help of few tweaks and tricks you can improve your Wi-Fi speed.

Improve your Wi-Fi signal

The first step to ensure your Wi-Fi speed is to keep your router’s firmware updated. Additionally, make sure you have the latest hardware to boost your internet speed.

The current technology used in Wi-Fi connections is 802.11ac. It is way ahead of 802.11n standard. Thus, you should buy the hardware with 802.11ac standard. Wi-Fi 802.11ax is on its way and will hit the market in early 2019.

Smart systems like Hive and Nest are increasingly becoming popular, therefore, having a good Wi-Fi signal strength is vital and a cheap router can’t break the ice.

Luma, Eero and Google have stepped into mesh network routers; these are small nodes that can be put at different places and work together as a network. They can be configured with a smartphone app alone.

Walls and water is the biggest enemy of Wi-Fi signals. That is why it is advisable to place your router in the middle of the house in an open area. The antennas should be pointed perpendicular.

Use Network Analyzer Lite app to find the channel which operates on less congestion. Your router works on one channel at a time, make sure that you are operating on the channel with less congestion.

There are other appliances that operate on the same channel as your router, like microwaves and cordless phones. You should go for a dual band router or just move your router away from other devices.

To fix dead zones you may consider buying an antenna extension cable or directional antenna. You can even install DD-WRT firmware in your router to hack the router. Now, you can even make your old router work as an extender.

In addition, reboot your router at least once a day.

What’s up with the Aluminum foil?

Oh, Yes! Researchers have found a way to boost Wi-Fi signals using a custom 3D-printed reflector wrapper. The idea was built around the fact that placing a soda can near the router actually had positive impact on Wi-Fi signal.

The researchers have developed an algorithm to find the optimum shape of the foil for boosting the Wi-Fi signal. It takes 23 minutes in the current testing based on the space, access points and target area.

Though, this is just a research and not a complete product; we would have to fall back on conventional ways to boost our Wi-Fi.

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