How do I get a stronger WiFi signal At Home?

By | September 26, 2017

How do I get a stronger WiFi signal At Home? – If you ask this question frequently then no need to worry any more. Now you can get strong Wi-Fi Signal strength at your home no matter how big, spacious and even cluttered your home is, weak wifi signal won’t be a problem if you get this device to your home.

Many people only dream about having a consistent and strong WiFi signal in their house. A standard WiFi router is not what you can bank upon to realize that dream. Number of factors comes into play that affects the WiFi signal strength like the placement of your router according to the size of your house, thickness of your walls and doors. Every house is uniquely built and that is what can even intimidate a professional.

Need Strong Wifi Signal? Get Home This Router

Devolo can help you in this endeavor; they have got you covered up with two fantastic solutions for improving your Router’s signal strengths: Power-Line and Giga-Gate.

Using different methodologies these solutions tackle the WiFi signal issues. Devolol’s Power-Line adapters are the complete solution for a house’s WiFi signal issues. This dLAN 1200+flagship utilizes the most out of your electrical circuitry and provides you with new WiFi spots while boosting the internet speed to 1200 mbps.

The magic happens just by connecting one adapter to your primary router and the placing the other adapter to the area where the signal strength is weak. Now, you can see that the signal isn’t stretched rather it is extended using the help of proper adapters and circuit. Thus, the power line is now helping in the extension of signal strength with the help of the Power-Line adapter.

You don’t need to worry about losing out on a socket either as the adapter comes with its own integrated socket that can be plugged in wherever you want –with a bonus of not affecting your internet signal. The signal stays strong, the internet works faster.

The primary advantage of using a Power-Line adapter is that you can extend it to almost anywhere in your house with using multiple adapters from your kitchen to the basement or the shed; any part of your house.

Devolo’s Giga-Gate WiFi Bridge is another effective way to boost your signal strength. The working is different from that of Power-Line adapters as Giga-Gate is designed to give extremely strong point to point WiFi technology.

For example, the signal strength is weak in your office but is great in the living room; then simply connect the base of Giga-Gate adapter to the WiFi Router and place the satellite unit wherever the signal strength is weak for connected devices such as Smart TVs, gaming consoles and media centers.

The utility provided by the Giga-Gate WiFi Bridge is incomparable and all the credit goes to Devolo to develop such an effective WiFi signal boosting kit. Using this kit one can get a speed up to 2 GBPS over the router’s signal. The satellite unit uses 4×4 Quantenna Technology in order to optimize the signal over a targeted wireless connection through a 5 GHz WiFi band.

You can connect up to 8 satellite units to the main unit. Each satellite unit comes up with four Ethernet ports with 2.4 GHz WiFi giving a speed of 300 mbps.

Overall, Devolo has developed convenient home technology targeting the needs of a modern user with its Power-Line and Giga-Gate solutions for WiFi signal boosting. There are more advances coming from Devolo in the upcoming time.

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