Stay Connected To Internet When Govt. Shutdowns Internet In Your Country

By | January 31, 2018

Since early 2000, Kenya has seen perpetual growth in Internet industry. This has provided numerous opportunities for businesses and individuals by unlocking access to information. If we lose it for a second, hours, or days then it can lead to loss of money worth billions and precious deals.


Even then, there are many cases in which the governments usually either block some websites or completely shut down internet during political seasons. The step is taken to control information.

Definitely it affects the normal crowd who are not directly affiliated with politics. If you ever get stuck in such a situation, here are the ways out.

  1. Learn about proxy and other tools

Internet is stocked up with number of tools that let the users browse the web anonymously or see censored content. One of them is Psiphon, it is an open source web proxy tool which help its user access filtered content. Tor is also an option that will hide your location and your browsing behavior from the ISP. You can use it on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Android devices

Orbot is another application that lets you browse the Internet anonymously, send messages and encrypt the internet traffic. You can install a new operating system ‘Tails’ that runs on any computer, with it you can bypass censorship, make use of cryptographic tools for encrypting files and email messages.

Lantern is an alternative which makes use of peer-to-peer networks and establish a network between its users. The users in uncensored areas share their internet and servers to those in censored areas.

Beware: Governments can even term jails to those who breach the sophisticated technology meant to block the content. Ethiopian government even blocked Psiphon and Tor.

  1. Secure your VPN

Virtual Private Networks are one of the best ways to gain secure access to a remote computer via the internet. They gain the popularity because of their simplicity. However, VPNs depends on the regions and you must ensure that whichever VPN you use is secure and safe.

Tunnelbear VPN is recommended by many people and is quite popular.

  1. Don’t undermine your security

You have to ensure your security while using these many tools. First step is to ensure that the websites you browse use the HTTPS protocol. You can make sure you have the original version of the website not a clone.  You can make HTTPS your default protocol for every website by installing HTTPS Everywhere extension in your browser.

Anti-Virus is highly useful in protecting you from malicious software and malware.

  1. Experts are always there

There are many journalists and writers who have interaction with sensitive information. They need to know where they can seek help before internet is cut in the country. For example, there is Access Now –a company that runs a 24-Hour Digital Security Helpline. It provides guidance even during emergencies. Having hands on at their Digital Security Booklet is a must do before emergency.

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