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Linksys Velop Wi-Fi Mesh Network – Is it worth buying?

Are you tired of sluggish speed on your old Wi-Fi router? Is your router unable to provide connectivity in the innermost room? Or phone loses Wi-Fi as you walk into the kitchen? If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then you should definitely upgrade your hardware. But before you go for… Read More »

Netgear Orbi Satelite Brings Mesh WiFi to Backyard

The game is on with the hype of mesh WiFi systems and another innovation by Netgear’s Orbi Satelite has come into the market. The device will be a boon for those with strange houses and need multiple access points downstairs, upstairs and even outdoors. Mesh WiFi technology is here to ease such a situation but… Read More »

Best Wi-Fi Router For Your Home

One of the most crucial but least considered gadgets in every home is the Wi-Fi router. People usually use the stock router provided by their ISPs or generally stuck up on a years old model which is in dire need of an upgrade. A new router can serve as the elixir for all your gadgets,… Read More »

NETGEAR Nighthawk: New Best-seller Mesh Wi-Fi Router

Lately, there has been so much buzz about mesh Wi-Fi technology system to be far more efficient than the conventional routers. Ever since the buzz, Google Wi-Fi mesh wireless system was the best-selling router on Amazon. However, tests show that Google Wi-Fi is not the best mesh system and the honor goes to AmpliFi HD… Read More »

Google’s Mesh Technology Wi-Fi Router One of the Best

The fight is on among the biggest tech giants to gain entry into people’s living room. Amazon’s Echo is leading the fight with huge margins from competitors such as Google’s Home. Amazon is the king of smart speakers but Google’s leading hit in the house in its mesh Wi-Fi product. More than a year ago… Read More »

Common Wi-Fi Problems And How to Fix Them

Wi-Fi can be really frustrating especially when you want to send an urgent email or want to browse something interesting. Most of the times, Wi-Fi related problems can be sorted out very easily if you have little bit of knowledge. Here are some of the Wi-Fi problems that you can fix on your own. You… Read More »

How do I get a stronger WiFi signal At Home?

How do I get a stronger WiFi signal At Home? – If you ask this question frequently then no need to worry any more. Now you can get strong Wi-Fi Signal strength at your home no matter how big, spacious and even cluttered your home is, weak wifi signal won’t be a problem if you get this… Read More »

The Best Wi-Fi Mesh Network Systems of 2017

It’s very obvious to underestimate mesh wifi system if you have never heard of it or experienced it personally. If you live in a big house with lots of room and curse your router for not providing range to each corner of your house then you surely look out for a high-quality mesh system. Here… Read More »

Enjoy Uninterrupted Internet Service With Travel Routers!

Staying connected to internet all the time has become essential for everyone! It’s indeed quite annoying while you experience network down, and this reaches heights while travelling. Would you be interested in wasting time to connect to the WiFi in the hotel soon after dropping your luggage!  In order to stay connected to high speed… Read More »