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Issues with Google Home and Chromecast Getting Fixed

Recently, there has been some heat rising up because the users are reporting that they experience a connectivity problem with their Wi-Fi post installation of Chromecast and Home speaker. Some routers experience complete signal loss while some others become dysfunctional for very short time. Every one might know about Google Chromecast and Home, it has… Read More »

Better Security And Encryption With WPA3 Routers

If you were considering buying a new router then you should not. The reason is that Wi-Fi alliance has announced the release of its new Wi-Fi technology i.e. WPA3. The next big step in wireless security as said. Wi-Fi Alliance is a standard body comprising of members like Broadcom, Intel, Qualcomm, and other tech giants.… Read More »

Easy Ways to Secure Your Wi-Fi network

Task 1: Change the default password for router configuration Usually, both the fields are “admin” and thus, it is easy for anyone to get into your network. Go to the router configuration page by entering the following in address bar, this could be different for different routers but this is the most common one.… Read More »

How To Foolproof Wi-Fi from Attacks And Hacking

You may have never considered its significance but your router is the most important gadget at your home. Its absence would mean no Wi-Fi for your devices. Your router is like a checkpoint station and the internet packets are the cars that are checking through the station, it keeps an eye on the visitors and… Read More »

Teaching Preschoolers About Internet Safety

The time has passed when parents and caregivers need not worry about telling pre-schools about cyber-safety norms, as suggested by a report named Children’s Commissioner of England. In the digital epoch, using Internet has become an integral part of a child’s daily life around the globe. The dawn of touchscreen devices have transformed the way… Read More »

5-WI-Fi Security Myths That One Should Be Aware Of

Wi-Fi is the incredible concept that has made life so much easier in contemporary times. However, it’s a fact at the same time that many myths have started being associated with the technology, especially with its security. It is essential to stay away of such myths and stay assured about the usage. Given below are… Read More »