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Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi Till KRACK Security Risk Is There

Don’t worry too much about KRACK but minimize the usage of public WiFi for some time. “The scope of attack using KRACK is relatively narrow but yet it can serve as a tool for attackers,” said Andy Patel, security researcher for F-Secure Research Labs. “Even after this, if the tools for doing this attack are made extremely easy… Read More »

Decoding China’s Massive Internet Usage and Growth

The statistics mentioned in this article are taken from the book published by Boston Consulting Firm named, “Decoding the Chinese Internet.” Most of the statistics are based on the survey conducted last year in 2016. Number of Internet Users China leads the way with 710 million, followed by 460 million people in India and at… Read More »

LiFi Can Reach 50Gbps Speed 100x Faster Than WiFi

Light Emitting Diodes have replaced traditional Incandescent and even CFL bulbs. But the day is not far away when LED bulbs might also replace your Wi-Fi router. We all know that LEDs have potential to transmit information digitally while preserving the quality of lighting intact simultaneously. University of Edinburgh’s researchers came to know that it… Read More »