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More Than 4 Billion People Have Internet Access

Two organizations, Hootsuite –an ubiquitously used social media management platform, along with We are Social –globally socially led creative agency, have released a report on social media and digital trends in the world, named Digital in 2018. The seventh annual report from the two did the survey in 239 countries and territories. The primary observation… Read More »

Rural Internet Access Problems Solution With New Technology

Rural Areas may curb internet access problems with this new technology. The rural areas in Illinois yet don’t have proper internet coverage more so than other states in the United States of America. As per the records of Federal Communications Commission, around 1.2 million, or 9 percent of people of Illinois don’t have access to… Read More »

Internet Is Gaining Popularity In Developing Countries

Recently, The International Telecommunications Union has reported that hundreds of millions of people in the poorest parts of the world have now got access to internet and mobile devices. The modern society thrives on utility provided by internet and anyone without it would be missing on something really big. Smartphones have only aided in bringing… Read More »

AT&T Comes Up With “Internet Bills of Rights”

AT&T against Google and Facebook with its “Internet Bills of Rights”. AT&T was seen placing full page ads describing its favorable behavior towards net neutrality and how it has always been the same. It even advocated that the Congress should always keep in mind the principle laws of net neutrality. Yes, AT&T is in favor… Read More »

See Free Wi-Fi Through Your Camera With This New App

A new app is here that will connect phones to free Wi-Fi hotspots in just two taps. The users will be able to spot hotspots in augmented reality by using their cameras. Norwood Systems, a global telecommunications company, has developed an app “World Wi-Fi” that allows users to locate Wi-Fi access points with heatmaps and Pokemon… Read More »

Transfer Data Using Sound When Wi-fi Goes Off

Too often we have real struggle connecting our smartphone to car via Bluetooth, or set up a wireless printer. Sometimes, it is easier to connect to a server that is millions of meters away rather than connecting to nearby devices. Nobody wants to wait for coffee because there is a problem with cash register in… Read More »