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Free Wi-Fi on London Tube Stations

Around one billion passengers travel via the London Underground every year and five million passenger journeys every day. In 2012, the number of smartphone users increase to 26 million and then Transport of London started installation of Wi-Fi in every station. Almost, 97 percent of the stations of London Underground are equipped with Wi-Fi now.… Read More »

8,500 Indian Railways Station To Get Free Public Wi-fi

There are 8,500 stations in railways across the country including stations in rural and remote areas. Free Wi-Fi facility will be installed on the stations. The project has an estimated cost of INR 700 crore or USD 110 million. Indian Railways has already installed Wi-Fi services at 216 prime stations in India as a part of… Read More »

Say Hello To Faster 802.11ax Wi-fi

The next generation of Wi-Fi technology is going to hit the market this year, it is known as 802.11ax. Intel has made an announcement that it will manufacture chips compatible with the new Wi-Fi generation. Obviously 802.11ax will be faster than 802.11ac but it is made to perform faster in the environments with large number… Read More »

New Security Standards Improve Public Wi-Fi Safety

WPA3 security standard is finally here.Wi-Fi Alliance sets the standards for Wi-Fi safety and constitutes of members like Apple, Samsung and Intel. The same has announced the new security protocol with the name WPA3. You must know its predecessor WPA2, which you can find while connecting to any Wi-Fi network. It is found on every… Read More »

This Vacuum Cleaner Can Map Wi-fi Dead Spots At Your Home

Every Wi-Fi user knows the struggle of locating the perfect spots in their house where the signals are perfect. Especially, those who have large houses have multiple dead Wi-Fi spots. Manually tracing the location takes effort and looks like iRobot has made some innovation to track down the precise location of all the Wi-Fi dead… Read More »

How To Extend A Home Network? Beginner Guide

People with large houses know the struggles of connecting to Wi-Fi in other corners of the house. However, it’s not the case with large houses only; Wi-Fi coverage could be poor at some locations of even a small house. This tutorial is for looking at other ways of extending a home/office network so that you… Read More »

Learn a Language While Waiting For Wi-Fi

5G wireless technology and instant messaging has developed faster connection of devices with the internet, yet there are innumerable moments when you have to wait for the feed to refresh or wait for a message. Everyone gets frustrated but it does not have to mean we have to bear with it. Yes, researchers at MIT… Read More »

Wi-Fi’s Importance and Its Utility Can’t be Ignored in 2018

The top strategic trends in 2018 will be artificial intelligence, immersive experiences, digital twins, event-thinking, and continuous adaptive security. These trends will lay the foundation for the next generation of business models. Irrespective of the nature of industry –technology has become a quintessential part of everything in the digital business for the future. Digital disruption… Read More »

Keeping Home WiFi On When Power Goes Out

Are you one of those who think that whenever their home has a power cut then their internet service goes down as well? Well, that’s not true. You can always connect to the internet if you have a power supply for your modem and your Wi-Fi router, but the problem is how do we supply… Read More »