The Brand New Comcast’s xFi Advanced Gateway: Looks Awesome

Almost all the stock modems provided by the ISPs are never enough to get the best out of your internet connection. It is highly recommended to use your hardware for the best internet connection. But, plenty of people yet use the stock router.

No more worries for the users of Comcast’s Xfinity as the company has rolled out its fastest router ever –the Comcast xFi Advanced Gateway modem and router. The announcements were made in May, but now the device will be available in every market where Comcast offers internet services.

xFi Advanced Gateway

Comcast Xfinity Internet

Whoever is currently a user of the Comcast Xfinity Internet, can get the new gateway for $10 per month rent. The initial vision behind this router is to make the setup, connection and usage of internet as much convenient as possible.

The xFi app provides an easy to use interface that allows the user to set-up, connect, and using the internet. With just one app, the user grabs control over its router completely –like changing the settings, setting up profiles and even provides parental control features.

Backed by the 8×8 antenna array, the 160 MHz capable device can offer the best internet speed in the whole world. Eight arrays are there for transmitting Wi-Fi, and the other eight are there for receiving them.

The wider variety allows the device to use work across a large area, but if this is not sufficient for your home, then you should wait for the Comcast mesh Wi-Fi system that had been released in the early months of 2018.

MU-MIMO (Multi Inputs and Multi-Output)

Other technologies supported by the device are-MU-MIMO (Multi inputs and multi-output) enabling faster simultaneous connections and multiple radios for connecting smart devices, Zigbee for things like light bulbs, Thread for Nest devices and Bluetooth Low Energy for sports and fitness devices.

MU-MIMO fastens the speed of internet while other chips provide seamless connectivity with IoT devices. This was essential as IoT devices are gaining popularity like never before.

Coming to the build, the router is not any typical ugly looking router –the sophisticated design with internal antennas make the device look so appealing like it’s something extra-terrestrial.

The device has a single blue light and follows Xfinity Design Language. Though you yet have to use a coaxial cable and a power cord the design, however, competes with other gateways. Only two Ethernet LAN ports are available, but that’s what the company has understood that more and more people connect using Wi-Fi only.

Comcast will rent the gateways to only those who use plans are of speed over 300 Mbps or faster, depending on the market, a report says over 10 million subscribers are eligible for the gateway.

xFi Gateway Conclusion

The conclusion is that if you don’t want to maintain personal hardware for your Wi-Fi setup but also are not willing to lose the benefits of own device and faster internet speed, then you should go for the Comcast xFi Advanced Wi-Fi Gateway.

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