Common Wi-Fi Problems And How to Fix Them

Wi-Fi can be frustrating, especially when you want to send an urgent email or wish to browse something interesting. Most of the times, Wi-Fi related problems can be sorted out very quickly if you have a little bit of knowledge.

Here are some of the Wi-Fi problems that you can fix on your own. You don’t need to call your Internet provider in case of the following situations.

fix wifi problems

No Wireless Connection

Do you see Red Cross on your Wi-Fi icon of laptop/tab?

Solution – Look at your keyboard and check if the wireless radio is on or not. Many times the key gets pressed and Wi-Fi goes off.

Another reason that Wi-Fi gets disabled automatically on your device is due to low battery. You can change these settings by going into the Power Settings of your device.

Each brand has a different procedure, but most of the time, you will find this option in your device’s power setting or wireless connection setting.

Move closer to the Router

A study done by Cisco reported that over 64% of microwave strength could be degraded by walls, furniture and multiple wireless devices. Analog mobile phones and video cameras can degrade the signal quality up to 100% signal.

If your home is more cluttered and you sit far from the router, then you seriously need to consider either placing your router at the centre of the house or sit near to the router.

Restart the router

If suddenly Wi-Fi is not working, then it may have to do with sudden electrical disturbance or weather disturbance in your area. You don’t need to worry at all, just power off your router and start it after 10-30 seconds.

Ninety-nine per cent of the time, your Wi-Fi will come to life if nothing happens to your rescue when your windows computer is your last bet. Windows PC lets you troubleshoot the problem. You need to the right click on the network connection icon in the status bar and select Repair/Diagnose and Repair option.

Let your PC resolve the connectivity issue. Many times it fails to resolve the issue, and in that case, it suggests you the possible cause of the problem.

Switch off your device

Sometimes the problem is not with your router, but it has to do with your devices. You can restart your device, and it should connect to the Wi-Fi immediately without any problem.

Either restarting your router or device should be the first action in case of any Wi-Fi problem. If this doesn’t help much, then you can always dive into other technical things after that.

Update the Network Card Driver

Though this is a rare one but your network driver might be outdated and incompatible with your latest router. This can be solved quickly, and you have to do “Windows Update” that is suggested by your PC.

You may also take a look at the router’s website to see if there is any firmware update available or not.

If nothing works out in your favour, then you must Google your problem on your phone. In the end, your ISP is your only lifesaver who could bring your Internet back if every solution fails to work.

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