Disable Mac or iPhone from auto-connecting to Wi-Fi Network

By | October 10, 2017


We all love free Wi-Fi and free Internet hotspots. But once in a time, no matter how much love we hold for the free Wi-Fi hotspot, they could be annoying sometime. They get annoying when you don’t want your iPhone or Mac to connect to a hotspot but still they get connected repeatedly and you get helpless. Most of the Mac and iPhone users will understand this situation.

Here is a simple solution to stop your Mac from connecting to the hotspot that you don’t want it to be connected to.

  1. Go to the Network system panel.
  2. Click on the Wi-Fi entry from the adapter list on the left side of the screen.
  3. Now click on Advance section.
  4. Now you should be able to see the list of networks in the Wi-Fi tab. Click on the minus (-) sign to remove unwanted networks.
  5. Press OK, and then press Apply.

If you wish, you can arrange network list and set priority in the step 4. Doing so will enable Mac to connect to a hotspot as per the set priority. Networks at the top will be given first priority.

Another issue Apple users might encounter is that iCloud-based synchronisation for Wi-Fi network entries. If a user has activated iCloud Keychain and both his Mac & iPhone devices are using the same iCloud account then they both will sync Wi-Fi network passwords.

This means that if you have logged in to a hotspot at your college through your Mac, you will notice that your iPhone has synced the Wi-Fi password and it’s also connected to your college hotspot without your choice.

So, it is possible that even if you have deleted list of networks from the Mac, your iPhone will still get connected to the removed hotspot network because removing network entries from the Mac won’t necessarily remove it from the iCloud Keychain.

To completely remove a network, we have to delete it from our Mac as well as from the iCloud Keychain.

How to delete Keychain entry

  1. Open Keychain Access ( Applications –> Utilities ).
  2. Search for the name of the network that you want to remove
  3. Select the desired network name and select Edit, and then Delete.

Now go to the Network preference panel and do all the steps mentioned above. By deleting a network entry from both places, you won’t get annoyed by unwanted hotspot connection.

It is recommended to delete all unwanted list of networks that has compiled over a period of time from iCloud Keychain as well as from Mac. This cleanup process will ensure that no unwanted network will bug you at least for a long period of time.

For more help on any issue related to Mac or iPhone, comment below and we will help you in resolving that issue.

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