Six Handy Tips To Enhance Wi-Fi Speed

People these days don’t mind if it’s a war outside, but never a slow internet. Moreover, if a comparatively expensive plan is taken, and it still makes you hold the nerve, then things may lead to depression as well. Well, if you wish to increase wi-fi speed or avoid the above scenarios, the following tricks can be useful.

enhance wifi speed

Boost Wi-Fi Speed

Ensure There Is No Obstacle for the Router

Wrong positioning of the routers is one of the prominent reasons behind timid Wi-Fi connectivity on many occasions. Wavelengths of Wi-Fi are shorter, even less than 12 cm. It can be obstructed by any regular huddles like a wall, a stand, etc. Hence, it is essential to make sure that the path of these radio waves is apparent. Some common mistake people commit by placing the router within the cupboards, at a jam-packed shelf, etc. The best recommendation would be to put the router at the center of the house for a better signal to all directions inside the room.

Avoid Interference with Electronic Devices

In some occasions, people keep the path of router waves clean, but they place it on top of the household electronic goods, like TVs, air conditioners, ovens, etc. It is essential to understand that electronic devices also do have their radiations. Naturally, the same can interfere with the Wi-Fi waves of the routers, and you become the sufferer of the slow wi-fi speed.

Right Positioning Of the Device

Wi-Fi speed is obvious to get affected if the position of its antenna is not proper. Moreover, it is essential to ensure that the antenna is in line with the Wi-Fi radios within your device. For example, people who connect Wi-Fi with their laptop should place the antenna horizontally, in front with the Wi-Fi radios within the laptops. Similar is the case with smartphones and slates as well; the antenna should be in line with the Wi-Fi radio inside these devices. For the routers having double antennas, it is preferred to keep on horizontally and the other in a vertical position.

Minimize the Number of Devices

More is the number of devices with which your Wi-Fi gets connected to, and higher is the chances of slower internet speed. Hence, it is recommended to use Wi-Fi with only a limited number of devices. The best suggestion would be to share the password of Wi-Fi to as lesser people as it is possible. You should consistently change the Wi-Fi password also, as you never know with whom you shared the password earlier, and he/she shared with some more people.

Reach the Remote Zones through Repeater

As explained above, the wavelength of the Wi-Fi waves is much smaller in comparison. The maximum distance these waves can transmit is about hundred fifty meters. However, sometimes, people need more excellent coverage. On this context, the most cost-effective solution would be to have a budget-friendly repeater that can work along with your present router. This results in the enhanced speed at the distant zones inside the house through consistent signals. However, usage of a repeater should only be limited to those occasions when the intention is only to reach the distance.

Find the Least Crowded Wireless Channel

If you are a techie, this can be a fantastic strategy for you to improve the wi-fi speed. It is seen in many occasions these days that the speed gets affected as there are a lot of people who enjoy the internet through Wi-Fi routers.  In such cases, it is always a better idea to alter the wireless channel through which your router gives connection. This is essential to be done as in general, most of the routers are placed to the same channel. Good news is that there are some exciting apps available to help you in finding the most jam-packed channels and to change your channel.


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