See Free Wi-Fi Through Your Camera With This New App

By | January 21, 2018

A new app is here that will connect phones to free Wi-Fi hotspots in just two taps. The users will be able to spot hotspots in augmented reality by using their cameras. Norwood Systems, a global telecommunications company, has developed an app “World Wi-Fi” that allows users to locate Wi-Fi access points with heatmaps and Pokemon Go like augmented reality. Users can either click to connect, or auto-connect to all these access points.

The chief executive and founder of Norwood systems said that the app offers high-quality mapping that has been combined with a technology protect users’ with Virtual Private Network (VPN).

VPN is used for safety as it encrypts the data which is in transit between devices over the Wi-Fi networks, which minimizes the risk of hacking. The same technology is used in Norwood’s ‘World Secure’ app that was launched in early-January.

World Wi-Fi is first app of its type that offers such security setting, and the visualization using AR. The AR thing makes the app separates it from its competitors. The map drop pins on areas with Wi-Fi connections and let users upload comments and passwords. You can also save the maps offline.

If you choose not to auto-connect to public Wi-Fi then the app will send notifications when a free Wi-Fi is within range of your device. Though, the auto-connect feature and VPN feature is not free, a subscription has to be bought for these features.

The company is planning to aim travel and loyalty programs partners to add their networks to the app. Also, it targets telecommunication companies, suggesting them that they could use the app as a part of a rewards program.

The app also expedites the login process by removing the screen that requires you to fill your email address and accept the terms & conditions. The app fills these details on its own. Some telecom firms already offer free public Wi-Fi to their customers like Telstra Air.

Many telecom firms have expressed their desire to explore possibly with World Wi-Fi to match or exceed the offer to their customers. They are more interested in places where they have not yet rolled out their physical Wi-Fi hotspots.

It would be far better if the companies can integrate World Wi-Fi to their customer engagement. They will be able to use Norwood’s federated Wi-Fi network with which they can offer their customers access to more Wi-Fi networks than just only hotspots from one telco network.

The first app from Norwood was World Phone. It was downloaded by over 5 million times. The app has the abilities to let the people have two phones only in one device. They can effectively filter business calls from personal calls on the same device.

World Wi-Fi is coming after its beta app has been tested for three weeks, which was released in September, 2017. The beta test had been successful and we can use the app. At first, the app is available on iOS but the Android version will be available soon in 2018 itself.

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