Five Methods to be Safe from KRACK

By | October 26, 2017

The whole world has recently come across vulnerability in WPA2 Wi-Fi encryption, called the KRACK. WPA2 encryption is the security standard for the Wi-Fi devices and almost every ‘Internet of Things’ device you have purchased over a few years have this defect. But don’t fret much as the hacker can only attack highly vulnerable wireless networks with a lot of effort.

Yet, to stay on the safe side there are few way you can resort to protect yourself.

wifi safety

Access Only HTTPS Sites

The abbreviation of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure is similar protocol to HTTP, the only difference being the extra ‘S’ that signifies secure. The protocol encrypts the data that gets exchanged between the browser and connected website. In case of an attack by hacker, he will only get some encrypted data that would make no sense to him. Always look for the websites with the lock icon against the URL in URL bar. Usually websites dealing with money have it and those which use your sensitive data.

Update firmware of Your Wi-Fi Router

The router in your home that came when you bought the connection from your ISP needs to update its software as well. Manufacturers release firmware updates which need to be ‘flashed’ and there are a set of simple instructions that you can follow. Though you don’t need to worry too much, just follow the steps cautiously but yet if you commit mistake you are more likely to mess up.

Protect Your Office Wi-Fi

If you are business owner who provides free internet to visitors in your office then you have to be concerned about your customers’ security when they log in. If your password is written on a board and you are using a basic router then your customers are vulnerable. You can use a public Wi-Fi service provider that will ensure peace of mind between you and your customers. The signing up and logging in will use social media handles or OTPs that are way more secure than conventional method. Additionally, all updates will be installed automatically on your routers.


The general use of VPN is for torrenting or watching Netflix content of some other country as VPN masks your IP and shows your wrong location. But using a VPN can also bring in security feature as the data between you and the website will be encrypted. The data renders useless to any hacker due to encryption. You may buy that VPN which suits your needs.

Automatic Security Update

Manufacturers and sellers of Wi-Fi routers are aware of the situation for some time. As per your expectations they must have started working on creating security patches to fix the vulnerability, MikroTik, Ubiquitti and Aruba have released automatic updates and are no longer vulnerable. Using public Wi-Fi may be a concern for you –just ask whether a patch is applied. If you are yet unsure then use cellular data.

At the end, we can see that KRACK attack is not really that big of a problem. Taking just a few simple steps can keep you secure. Stay Safe.

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