Want to Save Your Mobile Data? Install Google’s Datally App

By | December 11, 2017

Internet is an expensive commodity for many around the globe and what aggravates the condition is that so many times the user has no idea where the data goes. Probably, you are just chatting and sending small photos while a message pops-up that you have exhausted your threshold. What could be more infuriating? Looks like Google has worked upon this issue and developed Datally.
Datally is an app that monitors the data you spend, data consumed by each application running in the background and data used by the android system. You can also control –limit, monitor and remove limit of data usage by individual apps in Datally. The application was first tested in Philippines and after successful testing it got released globally on the Play Store on 30th November for all devices running on Android 5.0 Lollipop or above.

On opening the application for the first time it will ask you for granting permission to measure and control the use of mobile data. Once granted, the users can look at the daily internet data consumption. The blue-themed home screen has options to set up data saver, manage data and look for find Wi-Fi networks.

The best thing about the application is the eye-candy user interface with interactive and colorful icons. There’s a tab for data usage highlights on the home screen –here you can see the top three apps that use data on your device based on data usage.

Data saver mode blocks the usage of internet data by the background apps and you can choose which apps can use the data. The data shown in the section is real time; you can also allocate app specific data usage limits. Another great feature on the application is “Find Wi-Fi option”, not only it shows you the wireless connection you are connected to but also the ones in your coverage.

If you are looking for a public Wi-Fi then also you can use the application to find nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and Google Maps will provide you with the directions to the hotspot. The testing in Philippines has shown 30% data savings and Google expects same for everyone.

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