Google’s Mesh Technology Wi-Fi Router One of the Best

By | December 20, 2017

The fight is on among the biggest tech giants to gain entry into people’s living room. Amazon’s Echo is leading the fight with huge margins from competitors such as Google’s Home. Amazon is the king of smart speakers but Google’s leading hit in the house in its mesh Wi-Fi product. More than a year ago Google Wi-Fi was released and not it is the bestselling mesh technology Wi-Fi system in US. The reason is supposed to be the product’s ability to be a better parent.


Usage of mesh mesh Wi-Fi technology has more become a trend over the past years, Google Wi-Fi maintains consistent internet speed throughout your apartment or house. With a planned arrangement of access points you can easily kill dead-spots and achieve faster internet speeds. The tool might not be good looking but its utility is incomparable.

The product has gone through evolution from OnHub router and what was unexpected is how much people are using it for curbing their bad digital habits.

Google Wi-Fi has been successful in the quantity of sales. Not only tech enthusiasts are attracted towards it –the proof is the engagement of Google with customers and their data usage. The recipe is device’s ability to help become a better parent. The device lets the users pause the internet access on specific devices for periods of time or block certain websites. All of this is customizable with just few taps in an app; parents could stop kids from using phones on the dinner table or streaming videos after bedtime has been called.

Other mesh technology Wi-Fi systems like Eero and Luma possess similar features. But Google is Google, no wonder why it is best seller.

The device had glowing review from CNET but it earned low marks in Wirecutter’s intense testing with some other mesh tech Wi-Fi systems and Google Wi-Fi ranked poorly in terms of long-range testing and latency.

Google’s main Mountain View campus has testing chambers where it constantly work towards improving the connectivity with software tweaks that can be sent via any on air update.

Google owes to machine learning and artificial intelligence for the success of such a hit product. It can outshine the product by integrating mess technology Wi-Fi with their smart speaker, the Home. There had been rumors or just speculations that state that Google is planning to reveal a new version of Home with mesh tech Wi-Fi built in. There has been no confirmation by the company though but hints about integrating Google Assistant have been dropped.

Amazon has not released any Wi-Fi product so far which is its own as it has invested in Luma’s Series A in 2016. A consumer’s desire from a mesh Wi-Fi technology has increased manifold as people are using more and more smart home products with Internet of Things. Traditional extenders can’t keep up with the bandwidth and people are crazily connecting more media streaming devices in their house, in turn it increases the demand for mesh technology Wi-Fi devices.

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