Google Wi-Fi Launched To Relax the Parents and Solve the Connectivity Issues

By | April 14, 2017

Google is as concerned about the technology obsessed kids as of their serious parents. Good news is that Google Wi-Fi routers have come up with a feature that lets the user to switch off the web connectivity, stopping them from logging in to the device, once the lights are off. In fact, the device provides control to the user for restricting the web connectivity in some specific rooms as per the wish.

google-wifi Image Credit – Google Blog

The Google router makes this happen through its filter. This filter helps in avoiding the annoying Wi-Fi blackspots. At the same time, it also allows the user to ring boundary rooms, providing the control to the user regarding web connectivity. The interesting Google Wi-Fi is all set to hit the shelves on 6th April, with a tag of £129 for its one-pack version. There will be a two-pack option as well that one can have from the Google Store, Dixons, Argos, Maplis, etc, at an expense of just £229.

Made For A Cause:

This is indeed the smartest Wi-Fi router till date that can effectively confront the smart contemporary teens. Especially, with growing concerns of introvert characteristics, socialism, etc, this product is a fantastic choice. Providing complete control, Google Wi-Fi do come with an app, which enables the user in doing actions like pausing the web on a kid’s gadget from the same place itself.

Moreover, the user can disconnect rooms not in use, to ensure a better connectivity to the more important zones inside. In short, the device provides control to the parent to control their kids regarding the usage of Wi-Fi. The Google Wi-Fi router is a pretty handy product that can be placed at a zone where the connectivity is the best. Needless is to say that this can be an effective tool to protect the kids from being exposed with the growing number of bizarre, sexual, and violent websites.

This router can also protect the kids from being victims of frauds or spams. All that the person has to do is to filter the room for having the internet access. This Google router is indeed a difference considering the fact that the Wi-Fi routers traditionally are not made to handle the numerous devices used of high bandwidth functionalities like playing games, watching videos, etc

How Does It Vary From The Traditional Routers?

One of the prominent reasons behind hampered Wi-Fi performance is when someone expects to distribute the signals across the entire home through a single router. In case of traditional routers, the Wi-Fi signals do get easily affected through the walls or barriers. Additionally, transmitting better signals to every room inside the home becomes difficult through these devices.

To address the concerns as of above, Google Wi-Fi is made in a way so that one can put additional Wi-Fi points in different rooms, for the better Wi-Fi connectivity to each section of the home. Moreover, the unused sections can be switched-off to ensure the sections in use get better signal.

The Mesh Wi-Fi Concept:

The Google Wi-Fi is made up of a technology called mesh Wi-Fi. Within the mesh network, every Google Wi-Fi point develops a high-efficient connectivity, and these points jointly function to come up with the best path in between the points for the user’s data. As a result, the user gets best Wi-Fi coverage across the entire home; not just at the zones closer to the router.

In fact, one can even move from one point to the other within the home, while being in video calling, despite worrying about the connectivity issues. Here one doesn’t need any Ethernet cables. Well, that’s not the whole story; Google also surfaced its voice assistant called Home, against the competitor Amazon’s Echo.

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