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50 Per Cent Small Businesses Are Using Outdated Wi-Fi Technology

old wifi technology

A recent survey conducted by Linksys has revealed that over 50 percent of the small business enterprises are still using decade-old technology. Linksys announced the finding that there is a massive gap between Internet Service Providers’ (ISPs) offering and the need for SMBs.

Small business enterprises, especially those who have less than 50 employees, are aware of the need for upgrading to the latest Wave 2 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi technology.
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How to Stop Websites from Tracking You Online

data tracking

There is the number of informational websites can collect from your computer about you. Websites can track your IP address, your location and even your gender and age range, e.g. 18-25 or 25-34.

Do you know that you are being stalked every day and every second you come online? It might be funny, but it’s true. You must have encountered similar kinds of ads after running a specific query on Google. For example, you just visited Flipkart and checked out a collection of shoes. You quit the tab and moved on to the other website.
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What is Controller-Less Wi-Fi? Had You Heard About This Before?

Controller-Less Wi-Fi

What is the controller-less Wi-Fi? Had You Heard About This Before? Not everybody might need the benefits gained by moving a control plane out of a central controller for wireless access points.

The enterprises no more need to install dedicated WiFi controllers in their data centres because this function can be mimicked by distributing access points or moving your work to the cloud. But, it is not for everyone.
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Common Wi-Fi Problems And How to Fix Them

fix wifi problems

Wi-Fi can be frustrating, especially when you want to send an urgent email or wish to browse something interesting. Most of the times, Wi-Fi related problems can be sorted out very quickly if you have a little bit of knowledge.

Here are some of the Wi-Fi problems that you can fix on your own. You don’t need to call your Internet provider in case of the following situations.
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