Make Home Wi-Fi Signal Stronger and Faster

By | January 11, 2018

Almost everyone uses Wi-Fi on a daily basis, it has become ubiquitous. The vitality of having Wi-Fi has only increased ever since its invention. Nowadays, it has become a utility. From our smartphones to laptops and now even TV, everything can connect to internet using Wi-Fi.

But Wi-Fi has not reached its optimum performance. Using Wi-Fi is sure to increase your productivity; you can also connect your smart home devices with the help of it.


You might have faced problems with your Wi-Fi connection like slower speed and dead Wi-Fi spots. Here are some tips to enhance the performance of your Wi-Fi.

Shift to mesh Wi-Fi system

Do you suffer with your internet’s speed because of thick walls or distance from your router being too much? If yes, then we would suggest you to definitely start using a mesh Wi-Fi system. It is the latest advancement in Wi-Fi routers and help boost router’s range in a different way.

The new system makes use of several nodes that serve as access points without different SSIDs. Whenever you will move around from one room to another your device will get connected to the nearest node.

However, all of this comes at a cost because it is expensive but consumer-grade mesh Wi-Fi products like Google WiFi and Linksys Velop are easy to install systems.

Wireless Channel

All the wireless routers use a number of overlapping channels to transmit signals. There are two channels in general use 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. There is a chance that your neighbours or neighboring cafés or offices use the same channel as you use. This will increase the traffic on that particular channel. In such a case you would like to use the channel that has lesser traffic than the other one. Free applications like Wireshark, Wi-Fi Analyzer or Wi-Fi Sonar can scan the suitable channel for you. There are many tutorials available online for using these tools.

Eradicate other appliances interfering with your Wi-Fi

Most of the wireless routers make use of the 2.4 GHz band but there are other devices in your home that makes use of the same band. Bluetooth peripherals, microwaves, garage openers are some of them. This can cause congestion on the band, consequently slowing down your internet speed. The best practice is to keep them away from your Wi-Fi router or replace them with devices that use a different band.

Upgrade all the devices

What is the use of upgrading to top-notch network hardware when your phone and laptop cannot take advantage of the network? Your device’s antenna has a specific speed limit and if it is old then new Wi-Fi router can’t increase its speed. You get new devices with better antennas and Wi-Fi chips.

Wi-Fi Booster

You may not want to buy mesh Wi-Fi technology or other similar thing as you need only a little extra range to your router. In such a case a Wi-Fi signal booster is the best option. They are called Wi-Fi repeaters or extenders. But a drawback is that the speed from your repeater will be half of the original speed.

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