Hotel Wi-Fi Safety: All About Hotel Wi-Fi Privacy

The internet has been a matter of attraction among modern day people since its inception listing Wi-Fi along various other features increases the chances of hotel rooms to get booked. But have ever think about your hotel Wi-Fi Safety?

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Hotel Wi-Fi Safety

People don’t even care about the safety aspects while using the internet through the Wi-Fi at a hotel room. Well, it doesn’t mean that they should entirely stop using Wi-Fi. Instead, they should be aware of certain crucial aspects that can keep them on a safer side.

Before accessing the internet, I would like to tell you a few advantages and disadvantages of using free hotel Wi-Fi, and then we would move to hotel Wi-Fi safety measures.

  • You can access the internet without any data amount restriction.
  • No extra charges for using hotel Wi-Fi.
  • With Hotel Wi-Fi, your privacy is under risk.
  • Slow internet speed due to a lot of users is connected with the same Wi-Fi router.

Make Sure You Are Using the Hotel’s Network Only

If the hotel you staying at provides free Wi-Fi, you should use it. However, make sure you are using the Wi-Fi network provided by the hotel only.

Sometimes hackers and the rivals of the hotel prepare a Wi-Fi network with a similar name as of the concerned hotel.

Hence, once you connect your device through this, it becomes easier to interpret you and to collect your crucial data. It is therefore recommended to confirm regarding the actual network first through the hotel professional, and then do it yourself.

Password Is Just Like An Admission Into The Network

Some people argue and rubbish the claims of hacking threats. They believe that everything is safe and secure as they are using a password. However, it is here to mention that a password can’t do the job.

Password is like an admission to use the hotel’s network. Instead, they should check whether there is a lock symbol available alongside the network name. Ask the concerned technical person of the hotel whether they have segmented the network or not.

Firewall Protection Is A Must For Hotel Wi-Fi Safety

As explained above, there are threats of hacking doesn’t mean you should be scared of using Wi-Fi on tours. Simple safety arrangements can even assure you about the best protection.

For example, having Firewall protection can also guarantee you more excellent safety to use Wi-Fi at these locations. However, accessing Wi-Fi without a Firewall can lead towards hackers manipulating your data and other crucial information.

Don’t Keep The File Sharing Option Enabled

There is every possibility of hacking if you share files or anything similar stuff to another device through the hotel Wi-Fi. Hence, the most straightforward recommendation to avoid such threats is to disable the file sharing option of the concerned devices.

Disable File Sharing

Well, most of the devices have File Sharing option stay turned on by default. So turn it off, and you can stay relaxed. Disabling auto file sharing is highly recommended if you want to keep your Hotel Wi-Fi Privacy.

HTTP Doesn’t Guarantee About Complete Safety

Avoid bringing important works like money transaction, document transfer, etc. to the hotel. No matter how secure the site is, to which you are transferring the document, but you can never really guarantee about the network from which you are transferring.

Some people claim that “https” indicates that the site is safe to transact or visit. Again, as mentioned above, the site may not be hacked, but tracking your data or password is not a big deal if the network is compromised.

Hence, ensure the safety arrangements as explained above, or have the firewall protection, if there is no choice but to make the transactions.

Don’t Just Stay Logged In With the Hotel Wi-Fi

Some people don’t care about logging off from the Wi-Fi. They get careless as this is not something for which they pay. However, this little mistake can cost them big.

Hackers explicitly look for people with similar habits of not signing off from the Wi-Fi. It becomes effortless for a hacker to have access to the device when the person is not logged in. Devices in sleeping mode also do hold similar threat if the Wi-Fi is not off.

Are Hotel Wi-Fi Safe

Still, no appropriate answer to this tricker question using hotel Wi-Fi is safe or not but If you take care of the above precautions, then there are very few chances that your hotel Wi-Fi safety is in the risk.

Hotel Wi-Fi is not always the safest option for using the internet, but while travelling sometimes, Using hotel Wi-Fi is the only option we have.

Your privacy while using the hotel Wi-Fi sometimes depends on the kind of hotel you have picked, But don’t stress too much on your Wi-Fi privacy. You should enjoy your vacations and use the FREE hotel Wi-Fi.

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