Huawei WiFi Q2 Launched – Claims To Deliver Ultrafast Transfer Rate

By | January 18, 2018

We all might know Huawei primarily for manufacturing smartphones and laptops but now it has stepped into the mesh Wi-Fi system. The new hybrid whole home Wi-Fi system was launched at CES 2018 and the name is Huawei’s Wi-Fi Q2 system. Huawei claims to deliver “blazing fast” wireless connectivity with it.

Huawei q2 mesh wifi router

Q2 allows the user to pair a base station with up to 16 satellites for expanding the Wi-Fi network coverage in a home. The hardware is capable of delivering a hybrid connection with up to 1867 mbps speed by bonding with speed of PLC (Power Line Communication) and mesh Wi-Fi. Altogether, Huawei’s clear competition is with some really smart Wi-Fi routers from tech giants like Google, Linksys, and Netgear etc.

Mesh Wi-Fi network have become common in today’s time. However, you should not blindly go for it as the solution depends upon the shape and size of the home and also they usually have a very complex installation and configuration process. Looks like Huawei has been able to figure out all the issues with its WiFi Q2. The router system has a distinct gigabit PLC module, which allows the signal to travel past the walls. For easing up the installation, Huawei made the installation conclude only in five simple steps for the main unit of the system. Other subunits are simple to use with plug and play functionality.

Another big claim is that the system can support at most 192 connected devices simultaneously. The system is able to support up to 16 hotspots on its default 5 GHz band and yet add additional satellites with no further configurations. This is truly sufficient if anyone is looking for one complete solution for his/her smart home or someone looking to transform their home into smart ones. Wi-Fi enabled lights, sockets, and tons of other gadgets can transform your house.

Huawei Wi-Fi Q2 has single Wi-Fi connectivity nature that helps the system to offer 100ms switching time over the 802.11v protocol. To add more to the features list is the anti-brute algorithm present in the router, it limits the number of failed logins so no-one can access your network with a brute force attack.

Huawei has been quiet on the expected release date. But speculations are that it will try to hit the market as soon as possible, giving no time to the competitors to develop something similar. Reports say that the three bases system will be priced at $349.99 while set with one base & two satellites will cost $219.99

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