India Among A Few Nations To Roll Out 5G Services First

Chinese telecom giant ZTE is ready to bring 5G services in India as early as 2020. ZTE sees the much higher business in India after the debut of 5G. It’s no doubt that ZTE is not a famous brand in India yet even though they are a big player in the telecom world.

5G India
ZTE is in talks and has collaborated with multiple telecom operators to launch 5G in India at the same time when other developed nations like US, Canada, and European countries along with Asian countries like South Korea, China and Japan roll out 5G services.

India will not be left behind this time in getting new technology like 5G. India is at par with all other countries this time and Indians will be one of the firsts to experience 5G services.

Since India is one of the countries that have a significant number of mobile Internet users, it has become a big marketplace for all companies.

What ZTE Say About 5G in India

ZTE executive says, “India is an important market for our company. Scaling is a major part of the telecom industry, and India has lots of potentials to scale. India’s telecom sector is growing at a high pace. ZTE is increasing investment in India to support the telecom market growth.”

He added, “Everybody witnessed the growth of 4G LTE in India, and the statistics have excited the vendors to jump on the bandwagon and exploit the opportunity.”

ZTE will make telecom products and customise the designing of the product keeping the local needs in mind. They are expecting India’s market to grow faster than other economies.

5G Progress in India so far

ZTE is conducting trials for the technology called pre-5G with companies like Vodafone, Reliance Jio and Airtel. ZTE has also won the bid to expand BSNL in the northern and eastern part of India for BSNL. ZTE will provide customised network gear to BSNL.

ZTE has the aim of laying a solid foundation for 5G services, and they are looking forward to more partnerships and collaboration.

Thought everything is not sunshine and roses for ZTE. Telecom sector is seeing neck to neck competition. ZTE will have to face challenges from other big names like Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia.

Reliance Jio in Between 5G in India

In between this intense competition, ZTE has launched the “pre-5G” in Kolkata. Airtel is the first Indian company to roll out the MIMO technology. They soon are going to start MIMO for other companies as well like Vodafone and Reliance Jio.

India has plans of rolling out 5G services and make it commercially available by the year 2020.

Last week, the Government of India conducted a high-level meeting to evaluate and clear all the hurdles and action plans for 5G services. Government is going to do 5G spectrum auction soon. On all this development, ZTE executive said that 5G services might come even earlier as the government and telecom operators of India are aiming to get first mover advantage.


5G is going to be boon for the world and to jump on the next wave of digital innovation; the Indian government is not leaving any stone unturned. They don’t want to miss the benefits of 5G that will boost India’s economy.
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