TRAI Shows Its Mettle On Net Neutrality

By | December 3, 2017

On Tuesday, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India took lead from Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States by supporting the principle of a free and open internet.The regulator has made it clear that all the content should be available for every consumer with no discrimination and zero restrictions.The step has left its American Counterpart, the FCC, look dull in the debate on net neutrality.

The recommendations were awaited for long and finally got issued on Tuesday. It clearly state that blocking, degrading or granting preferential speed to one content over another, i.e. providing better internet speed to a specific content, will be treated discriminatory.


Furthermore, TRAI has restricted the ISPs from indulging in any agreement with an individual organization resulting in preferential or discriminatory access.

Though, an exception for special services is there, TRAI said that these sorts of services could be provided as long as the ISP wasn’t treating them as a replacement for “Internet Access Services” –that lies at the core of net neutrality.

Telemedicine, e-learning, and government services meant for the general public is considered as specialized services.

TRAI has not excluded services that are classified as Internet of things but said that the ultimate authority is Department of Telecommunications for these regulations. It could classify some critical IoT services as ‘specialized’ to give them exemption.

IoT or Internet of things is a new concept in technology that enables various machines and devices to connect with each other and transfer data in between –for example, a user being able to control his washing machine through his mobile phone, or use the toaster with its phone etc.

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