AT&T Comes Up With “Internet Bills of Rights”

By | January 28, 2018

AT&T against Google and Facebook with its “Internet Bills of Rights”. AT&T was seen placing full page ads describing its favorable behavior towards net neutrality and how it has always been the same. It even advocated that the Congress should always keep in mind the principle laws of net neutrality.


Yes, AT&T is in favor of net neutrality, as laughable it may sound to you but that’s how the company perceives itself. We can understand it as a smart play by the company which nowhere has to deal with protection of users, but to attack the foundations of popular providers like Facebook and Google.

AT&T applied all of its force against the rules in 2015 when they were under preparation. They fought all of them, when in force. They were always against the rollback and replacement of old laws with new ones. Who can forget blocking FaceTime on its network?

The company who did everything in power to sabotage consumer protections, competition, and municipal broadband suddenly becomes pro-net neutrality. It’s sheer hypocrisy.

Spokesperson from AT&T has stated that it is committee to an open internet. They don’t block websites, censor online content or throttle/ discriminate network performance based on content.

However, commitment from one company is not enough. Enough support is required so that Congress can establish an “Internet Bill of Rights” for all internet companies and guarantees neutrality along with transparency, openness, non-discrimination and privacy protection for every internet user.

Justifying the game

Internet service providers are not fool. They have been playing the game for too long. Now, it is pretty clear that the regulators will catch things up soon. The recent victory of FCC abases the fact.

ISPs have accepted their fate for long. But while regulators were closely watching the broadband providers, the internet companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others, took the advantage.

In actual, these edge providers are a bigger threat to open Internet than the broadband service providers. The companies hide their discrimination behind the cloak of public interest, while the real motivation stays to strengthen their foundation in the Internet economy.

The step taken by AT&T is to put all the internet companies in the same group, to undermine the regulations on its rivals just after regulations took place in its own industry. The bait is clearly the “shared net neutrality rules.”

ISPs have always been under the watch and on the gunpoint of net-neutrality but what about these giant internet companies those provide services on the internet.

Yes, there is a fundamental difference between these industries and everyone can see it. The internet service providers and internet companies are two distinct industries, even if they overlap, but the thing is that they cannot be governed in the same way.

There is a need of congressional solution, but we should not forget that people in Congress are the same ones who let AT&T collect personal information the previous year. Don’t fall for the AT&T’s statement. The sentiment has no logic backing it and suggestion is completely hollow.

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