Does the Internet Make People Happy?

By | November 1, 2017

Many anxious parents watch with dismay how the Internet has turned into a cesspool. But the technology is a handy tool at solving problems –including those created by it. Hence there are new apps about generating positivity aimed at young people.

The latest one is Brighten. Anonymously it sends you positive messages like “You’re my idol, man” or “You smell of honeysuckle.”

In 2013, a student from Pennsylvania Austin Kevitch thought of making Brighten. It was when his friend, Oliver, died in a climbing accident. Then Austin’s Facebook page was filled with positive remembrances of Oliver. “I wished Oliver could have read those messages while he was alive,” Kevitch added.


About 10 million messages have been sent by Brighten’s one million users, most of them are fin secondary school and college. Brighten is following the success of TBH, which was the most downloaded free app on the App Store last month in America. Then Facebook bought it for “Under $100mn.” Additionally the company was only two months old.

Brighten and TBH are quite similar, but TBH follows an approach that is more like a game. It asks which of four friends –from your contacts –are “Hotter than the sun” or “Most likely to be an Astronaut”. The app notifies the chosen friend that someone has chosen you as the winner but never reveals the name that chose you.

We should not be surprised that how positivity has become a booming business. Obviously it is the anti-social media bullying, which caught on because it’s easy to be nasty when there are no repercussions. Apps paying compliments use anonymity in a very different way.

Maybe you will doubt, but indeed these apps are good for the teenagers who live their lives through the phones.

Apps to “change your life” –


Become and Art Expert


Free (Android, Apple)

Now, your phone can become a curator. Just scan the galleries that you want to know about and Smartify will recognize them while providing notes. Only a few works are covered in the app but it is growing.

Google Arts & Culture

Free (Android, Apple)

The app undoubtedly has more works than Smartify but the notes are less extensive, this app also guides you to your nearest cultural hotspot and shows up latest art news as well.


Free (Android, Apple)

Are you not near a gallery or don’t have the time to go? DailyArt will send you a masterpiece every morning, complete with the story of its creation, biography of the artist and where the original is located.

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