Internet Is Gaining Popularity In Developing Countries

By | January 29, 2018

Recently, The International Telecommunications Union has reported that hundreds of millions of people in the poorest parts of the world have now got access to internet and mobile devices.

The modern society thrives on utility provided by internet and anyone without it would be missing on something really big. Smartphones have only aided in bringing the internet closer to us. E-banking, e-commerce and other internet tasks are no more the tales of the rich countries only.


The report from International Telecommunication Union says that all of the 47 least developed countries in the world are working hard to increase the internet access across the countries. It is also reported that nearly 60% of the population can access 3G network in the least developed countries. (3G refers to third generation or advanced wireless mobile telecommunication technology).

One should note that, by the end of last year, nearly 700 million people in least developed countries owned mobile phones, and 80 percent of that population living in cellular mobile network coverage area. As ITU reports, the pace of progress is sure to aid in meeting United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal on universal and affordable Internet access by 2020.

Spokespersons from ITU has noticed that having access to internet has left a positive impact on people’s lives, the digital connection with the world can open arenas of valuable knowledge and valuable information to all the masses.

The farmers can search the web for information about crops, like when to plant their crops, weather patterns to keep in mind etc. Communities can access online education. Looking at the businesses, small businesses can learn to compete with larger businesses.

For sure, universal and affordable internet access can assist the least developed countries to make advancements in education, health, government services, trade and also pave path for new businesses.  All of this is positive, but the report also states that there is a lack of digital skills in the market which is hurdling the way of LDCs in gaining Information Communication Technology and Usage of Internet.

At the end of report, it appeals all the policy makers, industry leaders, and educators to work harmonically to instill the required set of digital skills among the population in least developed countries.

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