Don’t Take Your Internet Privacy Lightly: Tips to Become a Smart Internet User

By | January 19, 2018

Internet has become like water and food to us. We need it all the time. Billions of people use it daily. Internet holds benefits for us and makes our tasks convenient but there’s also a big threat generally revolving around the internet.

Consider this, you were looking at a phone at Amazon and then you just closed the tab. You moved on to use Facebook and you’re surprised to see that the advertisement of that phone is haunting you everywhere like a ghost. It happens very frequently.


Yes, the websites you visit follows you. But before you boil up, they don’t do it without your consent. Remember, that darn long Terms and Conditions that you probably skip and press the “I accept” button. That’s where you allowed them.

Let’s see how companies track your devices.

A vast number of internet users are online from their smartphones, making it easier for companies to track you. Opening websites, checking emails, social media, all of this is tracked by online services. Another thing is ‘browser fingerprinting’ which collects data using remote computing devices.

The information includes your IP address, screen size, time-zone, operating system, browsing history and a lot. You must have read surveys like 87% of smartphone users have Android OS. They are a result of these tracking systems. It is good as company improves your experience but it also breaches your privacy.

For example: Gmail

Have you ever booked a flight online and then received its email? The date and time of flight gets automatically added to Google Calendar. Two hours before the flight you receive a reminder as well. And the same follows for your movie tickets, or hotel booking.

Spur in Internet users in India

Jio’s cheapest internet plans have revolutionized the internet industry. Around a billion new users have been added to Internet in the recent years. The competitors and wired line broadband has witnessed reduction in tariff plans, with more data than ever. Not just the internet plans but devices have also seen a reduction in price.

How to avoid being tracked?

  • On Computers

You can add extension to your browser that stopstracking; these extensions can block a number of ads from popping up.

You must have seen “We use cookies to make your experience better”. These cookies store your browsing history, items added to shopping carts, and then flash ads. The extensions track down the sources and block loading of their content.

Examples of such extensions are Adblock Plus, Disconnect and Ghostery.

  • On Handheld devices

You can use the Adblock Browser and Ghostery Private Browser for Android and iOS both. Firefox browser also provides the same utility on both OS. Then, another solution is “The Ultimate Privacy Solution App” which is available for Android for 50 INR per month.

You can always use DuckDuckGo as your search engine on both devices to avoid being followed.The internet can become a better place for you if you follow the above mentioned steps.

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