Linksys Velop Wi-Fi Mesh Network – Is it worth buying?

By | January 27, 2018

Are you tired of sluggish speed on your old Wi-Fi router? Is your router unable to provide connectivity in the innermost room? Or phone loses Wi-Fi as you walk into the kitchen? If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then you should definitely upgrade your hardware.

But before you go for the conventional powerline kits or range extenders, we might love to introduce you to Linksys Velop –a Wi-Fi mesh system. It has even got its place in Apple stores. It is for the first time that some third-party product of its type has made it to the Apple Stores. Considering this we have reviewed Linksys Velop.

Linksys Velop

For those who don’t know what mesh Wi-Fi networks are, mesh Wi-Fi technology is a way to cover your home with Wi-Fi nodes and making all the nodes work as a singular network. You can extend the range of your Wi-Fi and cover every nook and corner of your house, while maintaining the speed. Modern mesh Wi-Fi networks are easier to set up.

Everybody might want to have such a system but they are usually expensive. If you are ready to spare some extra bucks then you should try Velop.

You can easily set up the system and then control every aspect of it with Linksys mobile app. The app is linked with Linksys account and only accessible nearby the network.

The system operates as a single network so there are not many SSIDs and different passwords.

A single node can cover up to 2,000 square feet of area; the effectiveness depends on the surroundings. Velop comes in choices of two packs or three packs. You can decide it on the basis of your house’s area.

One node has to be plugged in to your Wi-Fi router via an Ethernet cable and the other once just needs power supply, you can connect it from the app.

After installing it you will clearly see the change in Wi-Fi signal and strength. Downloads become much faster and the speed test also showed that Velop was providing faster internet than conventional router. The speed remained the same even when too many devices were connected to the network.

The app also allows the user to set prioritized users who will always get the best internet access. Up to three devices can be prioritized in the app. Parental controls is also there which lets you block certain websites and also schedule the internet access. You can also block sites for only individual devices.


There is no doubt it is the future of Wi-Fi technology. You can add nodes and cut nodes as per your needs. The router also has Zigbee radio which will be useful in the future. But the cost is high in comparison to conventional Wi-Fi systems along with extenders.

You may decide whether to shift to a mesh Wi-Fi system by examining if Wi-Fi matters that much to you. The extra bucks you are going to pay for faster Wi-Fi will not disappoint you though.

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