Netgear Orbi Satelite Brings Mesh WiFi to Backyard

By | January 8, 2018

The game is on with the hype of mesh WiFi systems and another innovation by Netgear’s Orbi Satelite has come into the market. The device will be a boon for those with strange houses and need multiple access points downstairs, upstairs and even outdoors. Mesh WiFi technology is here to ease such a situation but Netgear’s Orbi Satelite is the most convenient way to bring WiFi to your backyard, garage, pool or front porch with its range of 4,000 square yards.

Netgear Orbi Satelite-mesh-wifi-router

The extending device comes for a hefty price tag of $330, while the original Orbi kit comes for $400 but there are a lot of things that will get you a lot of value for your money. The AC3000 Orbi satellite sports a 2.4 GHz band (400Mbps), a 5 GHz band (867Mbps) plus an additional 5GHz backhaul channel connecting with indoor Orbi system at a rate of 1,773Mbps. The extender supports only current Orbu (RBR50, RBR40, and RBR20) and Orbi Pro (SRR60) models, which could mean investing $700 in total unless you don’t own an Orbi already.

Coming to the visuals, the Orbi Outdoor Satellite looks like a small back with a white rectangular body, different from the rest of Orbi models, but holds a curvy appeal. But you might not want it to be very beautiful for security reasons. Netgear has stated that it comes with a secure mounting latch but it won’t be a good idea to leave it in plain sight. But a very cool feature is its ambient night light, which adds extra utility to your extender. Plus, you can adjust the brightness of the light using the app and also switch it on or off.

There are no LAN ports present in the new extender, and that is actually for the good. As the extender will be outside you don’t want just anyone to intrude your network with an Ethernet cable and you are also not going to take an old desktop computer to use the internet in your yard. Most modern devices like cameras and speakers work fine with WiFi.

Talking about the speed of data transfer, the dedicated backhaul channels makes use of four streams on 5GHz to extend the Wi-Fi with least speed loss. Half of it is dedicated to backhaul channel that regulates the extension of your WiFi from inside of your home. Each extender has 2×2 antennas transmitting and receiving two streams simultaneously. You won’t feel any difference while surfing the web and streaming videos unless you don’t have a fiber internet in your house.

The setup is also easy as you can connect the extender using the WPS button on the device or via the Orbi app to the indoor Orbi router. The tri-band Wi-Fi aka FastLane3 technology avoids congestion on the network.

Winding it up, the Orbi Outdoor Satellite is highly convenient and useful when extending the Wi-Fi outdoors but is quite expensive. This would probably be an expensive investment if you don’t have an Orbi router. Though, you can expect the best from it.

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