New Security Standards Improve Public Wi-Fi Safety

By | January 9, 2018

WPA3 security standard is finally here.Wi-Fi Alliance sets the standards for Wi-Fi safety and constitutes of members like Apple, Samsung and Intel. The same has announced the new security protocol with the name WPA3. You must know its predecessor WPA2, which you can find while connecting to any Wi-Fi network. It is found on every modern phone, computer and router in any network.


The new standard does not let people guess your passwords while securing your traffic and connected gadgets. The trend is also known as Internet of Things. We can expect that early 2018 will witness the release of WPA3.

Insecure Wi-Fi networks are the most vulnerable ones, and hackers can easily track down your browsing history and entered passwords. It is the reason why hackers always pry for hotels and tourist hot spots with availability of public Wi-Fi. Protecting these networks is crucial. WPA3 will help Wi-Fi Alliance in establishing a much more secure connection without complications that come with locking down the network. In a nutshell, the improvement is a lot about simplification and users do not need to worry about the security under the hood.

WPA3 should come alongside other changes in Wi-Fi for making wireless networking more reliable in modern homes.An important feature will be the additional encryption that WPA3 will provide on public W-Fi networks. When people connect to Wi-Fi at public places they expose themselves to information thieves.

The transmission of data on public networks is usually open, and anyone with tools like Wireshark can gather information. Hackers are interested in knowing your browsing history and your passwords, as they may contain banking details. Open public networks assuage their work.

WPA3 will encrypt the data of every user and provide them a separate channel. The encryption will not let anyone else see other users’ information. You can expect security like your home Wi-Fi. But this does not make the data completely secure as a dedicated hacker can yet steal the information. The encryption can only prevent mass surveillance.

However, WPA3 will be able to block brute-force attacks. Brute-force attack is a guessing game in which the software tries every possible combination for your passwords. This is prevented by limiting the amount of attempts one has.

Another major update in WPA3 is security for Internet of Things devices that do not have displays e.g. Lamps, doorbells, or speakers. IoT devices generally lack security features, this is because the users don’t have much settings for adjustment.

With the arrival of WPA3, you can use your smartphones or tablets as a control panel for your IoT devices. You can set passwords and credentials for these devices. The devices won’t be open for connection to everybody.The new standard will take time to roll out completely; it can take months or even years for router manufacturers. It depends on how easily the manufacturers adapt to the change and how the users will shift to new network gears.

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