Nokia’s Mesh Wi-Fi System Provides Complete Home Coverage

By | October 12, 2017

Nokia is working with many carries across the world to bring the 5G technology by 2020. They are also striving hard to push boundaries in the home Wi-Fi technology field. Perhaps this is the reason they have created a Wi-Fi solution which claims to provide unmatched gigabit connectivity to every corner of the house.


The new Nokia Wi-Fi Solution ensures consistent network connectivity for any kind of service – be it live video streaming, gaming or just normal Internet browsing. The whole Wi-Fi solution consist new line of Wi-Fi gateways and Wi-Fi extenders. Though, getting gigabit speed on a single device won’t be possible through Wi-Fi, you will still need a wired connectivity for that. However, with this Wi-Fi mesh system, one will not have to change the router position for better connectivity.

Around 30 per cent calls to customer support to various Internet Service Providers are associated with poor Wi-Fi reach within the house. Thanks to the latest Wi-Fi portfolio of Nokia, ISPs can provide solution and offer whole-home Wi-Fi solution to the customers who need it.

Wi-Fi Mesh system like this one will help ISPs in decreasing their Wi-Fi related supports costs and make customers happier with the smooth experience.

Poor In-home Wi-Fi Signal Reasons

Wi-Fi signal deteriorate in home because of multiple reasons. Interferences by neighbour’s Wi-Fi and other Wi-Fi network (multiple hotspots in the neighbourhood) is one of the reasons of poor in-home Wi-Fi signal. Such problems are more common in a large condominium.

Non Wi-Fi devices like microwaves, game consoles, cordless phones, baby monitors are also responsible for the poor in-home Wi-Fi connectivity.

Technology That Nokia is Using

  • Broadcom’s BCM4363 WLAN chipse
  • Air-IQ technology

Nokia in this latest Wi-Fi portfolio is using Broadcom’s BCM4363 WLAN chipset powered by Air-IQ technology. Nokia is able to provide state of the art whole-home connectivity by avoiding interference from neighbouring network and non Wi-Fi devices, thus allowing the gigabit connectivity in every corner of the house.

This mesh Wi-Fi solution comes with premium and basic level. Due to its flexibility, this mesh Wi-Fi system can be deployed to any household. The Wi-Fi gateways that come with this mesh network have the capability to identify up to 17 interfering sources (neighbouring network or non-Wi-Fi devices) for both frequency ranges i.e. 2.4GHz or 5Ghz which is much higher than any other gateways available in the market right now.

Federico Guillèn who is the president of Nokia Fixed Networks believes that Nokia’s in-home Wi-Fi will deliver complete home coverage to the subscribers. He also believes that this Wi-Fi solution will increase consumer loyalty and prove revenue booster to Internet service providers.

Our Opinion

The home Wi-Fi market is passing through a revolutionary period. Nowadays, nobody wants to lag behind, they want to subscribe to the fastest Wi-Fi service available in the town. As the advancement of technology, getting high speed Wi-Fi internet has become cheaper over the last few years. Due to this, growth rate of mesh Wi-Fi systems and extenders is at all time high. Because of increasing number of smartphones and other Wi-Fi enabled devices like smart T.V, smart fridge, smart washing machine, the demand for home Wi-Fi hardware will be keep on increasing in the upcoming years.

With the fast improvement in technology, we believe that Nokia carrier-grade in-home Wi-Fi solution will become cheaper next year when competitors launch similar product.

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