50 Per Cent Small Businesses Are Using Outdated Wi-Fi Technology

A recent survey conducted by Linksys has revealed that over 50 percent of the small business enterprises are still using decade-old technology. Linksys announced the finding that there is a massive gap between Internet Service Providers’ (ISPs) offering and the need for SMBs.

Small business enterprises, especially those who have less than 50 employees, are aware of the need for upgrading to the latest Wave 2 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi technology.

old wifi technology
Upload and download speeds are crucial for better and fast workplace experience and respondents are well aware of the drawbacks of operating business on primitive technology.

Small business owners are not able to upgrade to latest technologies either because their Internet provider doesn’t have such technology in their portfolio or in case they have, then the insane amount is being charged.

Businesses don’t change their Wi-Fi system frequently and half of the respondents never upgraded their office Wi-Fi system that was installed 8 to 10 years ago. This is the reason; their office Wi-Fi system has become outdated.

The gap between IT Channel Firms & Consumers Need

Channel firms are not able to acquire new clients despite being such a huge gap. The main reason is that ISPs are not aligning Wave 2 technology with Mu-MIMO.

There is a huge opportunity lies for channel IT companies. With Wave 2 and MU-MIMO technology combined, an entire office can host video conferencing together, download large email attachments, upload heavy files to the local server or third party.

This new Wi-Fi technology can take Wi-Fi to the next level and provide a smooth workplace experience. Not only this, SMBs will see ROI because clients will also be able to get nice user experience and fast response that one expects from a good company.

Almost 70% of channel partners have fair enough knowledge about Wave 2 and MU-MIMO, but just 35% have these technologies in their portfolio.

Not only this, around 90 percent of respondents knew that they needed high-speed Wi-Fi internet to compete in their specific industry. They accept that a high-speed Wi-Fi internet can position them as a market leader and provide a smooth user experience.

With the increasing number of smartphone-carrying employees and other Wi-Fi supporting devices like smart T.V, smart fridge, Cameras and other IoT devices, all small businesses need state of the art technology in order to get high performance.

By educating about all the benefits that come with modern-day Wi-Fi technology, and providing proper guidance to consumers, Internet providers can help small business owners to make their mind and bring the advanced technology in their office.

Wave 2 is the most robust version and Wi-Fi technology available right now. Moreover, Mu-MIMO comes with tighter security that will be hard to breach.

These small businesses understand the importance of a productive workforce that is only achievable with the latest and fast technology.

Our Opinion

Channel partners have good revenue opportunity. Small businesses need just a little push and they can be brought onboard easily. However, to exploit this gap, companies need to make Wave 2 and MU-MIMO a part of their portfolio. With attractive pricing, companies can get a high number of new businesses that are waiting to be approached by any Internet provider. Technologies like MU-MIMO will make consumer happier and companies will be able to gain their trust.

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