Smartphones and Internet Gaining Popularity in France

By | December 2, 2017

Smartphones have become the most popular device in France and its popularity is only increasing ever since. More than 3 quarters of French people own one smartphone and use it to surf Internet every day, as per a new studyAlmost everyone in France has some kind of mobile phone, and 76% use it to go online every day, according to the most recent report from the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Postal Services, the General Council for Economic Affairs and the Digital Agency.

As seen in the report, there is a significant growth in the number of smartphones, Internet usage and devices connected to Internet in general. 73% of French people own smartphones compared to only 28% people having it in 2012.


Similarly, 44% have a tablet device: that is a huge leap from meager 4%, and only 12% people have never been online: which fell from 15% of previous year.

Two years ago, only 68% of the population used to go online every day which has now increased to 75% of France going online daily.67% French population use the Internet for administrative tasks, and 61% for shopping online. More than half (54%) French says that they go online every day for work, which is up from 46% who said four years ago.

About 81% of the French people have a computer at their home now, households connected to a landline have dropped by two percentage points -86% nationally now.It does not come as a surprise young generation aged 12 to 17 comprise of 95% of computer users, in comparison to 52% of those aged 70 or over.

With the prevalence of smartphones the number of household computer users has dropped by two percentage points in five years. Mobile has become the king device in France. 42% of the population prefer to use their smartphone to go online versus the 34% who find it convenient on desktop or laptops, and about 7% use tablet devices for it.

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