Best Wi-Fi Router For Your Home

By | December 29, 2017

One of the most crucial but least considered gadgets in every home is the Wi-Fi router. People usually use the stock router provided by their ISPs or generally stuck up on a years old model which is in dire need of an upgrade. A new router can serve as the elixir for all your gadgets, whether it be a highly powerful gaming PC or just your smartphone. The right router can fix all your internet problems as well.


The first thing we need to consider while buying a new router is the space you have. You can go for a less capable and less expensive router if your house is small or you live in a small apartment. Those with large houses with a need of coverage even outside the building may go for a powerful alternative (usually expensive).

Only if you don’t have minimal needs, you should at least go for a dual-band router with 802.11ac standard. Such router not only cuts down the interference between the devices but also ensures that speed is not limited by your router. The TP-Link Archer C7 is a favorable router with sufficient coverage of house or apartment at a relatively affordable price. Asus’s RT-AC88U is good for those with a bit more internet demand, the ratings are high on various tech magazines and has plethora of features including 8 Gigabit LAN ports.

If you have your house expanded in vast area prone to dead spots, then a single router might not work. The most popular solution is the usage of mesh Wi-Fi network in which a series of access points are installed around the place and serves as a single network.

One of the most popular mesh network routers is Google’s own Google Wi-Fi as it stayed at the top of Amazon’s best-selling routers list in 2017. But technology wise, Netgear’s Orbi RBK50 Wi-Fi system is recommended by the tech magazines. However, both have ample of features and easy installation. These advanced Wi-Fi systems come with high security and configuration apps for a smartphone or tablet.

There might be chances that even these solutions work out for your mid-size home then you may consider using a range extender or a power line networking system. These devices are used to extend the current range of a single Wi-Fi router. Netgear’s N300 extender is an inexpensive option, or try a device like TP-Link AC1750.  There’s a catch, generally there’s a slight loss in the performance while using extenders which are not experienced when using mesh system.

The best reviewed extender on Amazon is TP-Link AV1000 and it lets you extend your network to wherever there is a good power outlet, and this turns your electrical wiring to transmit the signal. This device can surely help a lot in a situation if you have the game console or streaming device in a very isolated place of your house.

If you do some research and choose the right router as per your needs then you can truly achieve, what we may call, the Wi-Fi Nirvana.

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