Getting Your Phone Ready For Travel: Save Huge Money

By | November 11, 2017

The only thing we trust when we are travellin is our phone –we use it for navigation, translation and staying connected to our friends. But on the road there are problems faced such as inconsistent Wi-Fi and lack of places to juice up the battery. Here are the tips for preparing yourself.



The first thing you should do is grab a sturdy case for your device; you want it to last till the end of the trip. Always make sure that the claims made by the case manufacturer are true by reading the customer reviews.

Additionally, what good is an intact phone without battery? You may consider buying a case that comes up with an additional battery. There’s a pro tip: The more expensive cases provide more charge.

Always have a screen lock established on your device to protect your personal data in case of theft.


You have to bank upon public Wi-Fi when away from home. Public Wi-Fi, in general, is not much reliable as everything you do on it can be spied on. But some public Wi-Fi access points are reliable, so be cautious while choosing one.

Minimize your online transactions and banking when you are on a public Wi-FI and look for the HTTPS mark besides the address bar on your device. Moreover, use VPN service to put an extra layer of security.

There is a plethora of available options when you are going to buy a VPN. There are free versions with limited usage and low charges. You have to choose the one that fits your needs.


Think that you come home after travelling long just to find out a fat bill charged by your carrier, so frustrating, isn’t it?

Always try to save your data whenever you travel, the first step towards is it enabling the “DATA SAVING MODE” in every possible phone in your device, e.g. Google Chrome has data saving option, Snapchat has Travel Mode and WhatsApp has Low Data usage mode.

Beyond app-specific options; Android and iOS provide their own data management tools. In addition to this there is a data saver option to limit your data consumption by the background applications.

You may even consider buying a local or international SIM if you are a frequent traveller; just swap the SIMs whenever you are out.


Obviously you can save data from the above tips but you can’t be sure that you will have consistent Internet everywhere and there are risks in using Public Wi-Fi.

You can download the Maps offline before leaving and GPS does not require data for functioning. Just select Offline Maps on your app and select the area you wish to take offline.

For the purpose of entertainment, Spotify and Netflix let you download the content on your phone without any hassle. Other apps that come up with this feature are Apple Music, Google Play Music, Tidal, Google Play Movies and TV, and Amazon Prime Video.

And if you are low on battery and low on data then turn on the Airplane Mode to maximize entertainment and security.

Travel  Safe!

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