Enjoy Uninterrupted Internet Service With Travel Routers!

By | May 4, 2017

Staying connected to internet all the time has become essential for everyone! It’s indeed quite annoying while you experience network down, and this reaches heights while travelling. Would you be interested in wasting time to connect to the WiFi in the hotel soon after dropping your luggage!  In order to stay connected to high speed internet while travelling you can reap the benefits of tech advancements.

Are you aware about travel router? Just plug-in the travel router and all your devices would get connected to internet automatically! Travel router has a saved network that supports such mechanism! Using this you can prevent wasting your time that can be invested for getting relaxed or unpacking your luggage.


What Is A Travel Router?

Travel router is a specialized category of broadband routers that is designed for connecting the mobile devices and any other device seeking internet connection. People require such devices immensely while travelling. The travel routers are sometimes called mobile routers and posses different tech characteristics which distinguish it from the generalized broadband routers. The travel routers are portable and its dimension is only a few inches! The travel routers are quite slim that can easily be slipped into the pocket.

Set Up Procedure of Travel Router


  • The Basics Of Setup


Before you step down on the road for your travel you need to plugin the router and get your laptop connected to it via Ehernet or WiFi network of the router. When the laptop is connected, opening the web browser on your device go to Login using the default admin credentials of the router!

Once you are logged in, you can view the status page of the router. For updating the username and password click on the management. Enter the new username and password and apply the settings. As this would be used in unknown networks it is advised to use strong name and password. Disable the WPS and reboot the router.


  • Operation Mode Setup


Travel Routers have different operation modes.


  • Router Mode


In the router mode, it allows to access the hotel network as your own router at home. This would ask for an IP from the network and manage the traffic for the devices. In router mode you can easily share the files between the devices. Select the wizard and click on router mode.

Tick mark the ‘Automatically obtain an IP address’. Create a new SSID and set the channel to auto mode. Change the security mode to WPA2 personal. Save the settings and reboot. Set this as the default mode!


  • Access Point Mode


If the available network doesn’t cooperate with the router or if you wish to connect the devices on wider network then you need to set the router into access point mode. In this mode, the travel router would pass along the IP via the network’s gateway. Move the wizard and select ‘AP’ and click next. Set this as default and reboot.


  • Bridge Mode


If you wish to turn the travel router into a wireless bridge then you need to set up the bridge mode. This would allow you to keep the pre-set the network and connect to the WiFi of the hotel. On this mode you would have to depend on the mercy of the hotel network. Select the bridge on the wizard page and click it on.


  • Repeater Mode


The wireless repeater mode copies the network’s SSID and extends the range of the wireless. This amazingly works for big spaces but in this mode you may experience loss of 50% wireless speed.


  • The Client Mode


The client mode allows the travel router to get connected to the wireless network easily if you have an older machine with slow wireless card as this speed up the network connection.

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