Wi-Fi Direct is the Future of Wireless Internet

By | November 18, 2017

A router is a device that serves as the medium of communication between the wireless networks and our devices without which they can’t communicate with each other. But just like all the intermediaries; routers don’t make things easier at all. To overcome the need of this intermediary a new Wi-Fi standard is there to let our devices and wireless network talk to each other directly.

Wi-Fi alliance’s new Wi-Fi standard –Wi-Fi direct has long shown up in many devices and the best part is that it can connect to the old standard devices effortlessly as well.


There had been many researches going on for allowing instant transfers. During CES, Sony demonstrated a technology called TransferJet. The technology let data jump from one device to another when these devices are placed closely about a few inches. Wi-Fi Direct is the same idea but on a much larger scale and in addition to the abilities of TransferJet, Direct can work with all sort of data and software apps.

Wi-Fi Direct makes the use of WPA encryption for the purpose of security in order to keep things safe and private. Devices are be visible to each other whenever they are in range a hotspot connection and transfers are made on the same speed.

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