This Vacuum Cleaner Can Map Wi-fi Dead Spots At Your Home

By | January 7, 2018

Every Wi-Fi user knows the struggle of locating the perfect spots in their house where the signals are perfect. Especially, those who have large houses have multiple dead Wi-Fi spots. Manually tracing the location takes effort and looks like iRobot has made some innovation to track down the precise location of all the Wi-Fi dead spots.


iRobot is the parent company of robotic vacuum cleaner manufacturer Roomba. iRobot’s high end vacuum cleaners –Roomba 960 and Roomba 980 will sport this feature for now. The update will be provided in the iRobot app, which could track the cleaning area of the vacuum already, in the later end of the month.

Colin Angle, CEO iRobot has previously made a lot of claims about the company’s plan to truly integrate the robotic vacuum in the home ecosystem. But honestly, those were mere cajoles. However, the latest announcement of indoor Wi-Fi mapping using the vacuum cleaner has provided more insight into company’s vision and appears promising.

As mentioned earlier, the feature will be available for only high end Wi-Fi enabled vacuum cleaners which are cloud enabled. These vacuums are controlled by Wi-Fi connectivity and that is the principle backing the innovation. The vacuum will log those places where it could not connect properly to the Wi-Fi and place the data in a map as it does with the Clean Map feature. The new map will be alongside the Clean map.

The maps do not give too much information like a standard speed test app will give with download and upload speeds, but it shows the decibel readings of that place. The current purpose is to give details of those places where you should consider installing an extender, getting rid of those dead spots.

This new feature is not a finished feature and the month’s end,on January 23, will have its first batch of beta-testing. The test is limited to few 1,200 members but will lead to bigger trials later; with up to 10 to 20% compatible model users. The beta-program registration can be done from the iRobot app if there are vacancies left.

Beta-program will be home to this feature for now, and many other features will also get tested in the program. As soon as features gain maturity, they will be rolled out for all the users with compatible models. The beta program is the perfect place for iRobot to experiment new features and get a gist of what its users are actually interested in.

iRobot has been in a controversy,earlier this year, when the CEO seemed to imply that the company intended to sell the mapping data to third-parties, but later on clarifications were made that the data will never be sold to anyone.

Looking at the current tide of mesh technology Wi-Fi and Internet of Things, undoubtedly, users of Roomba will love this feature. It truly is a step in integrating technology to people’s houses.

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