World’s Average LTE Internet Speed – South Korea And Singapore Top the List Again

By | November 13, 2017

A research firm OpenSignal has conducted a research in which Philippines hit the bottom of ranks in terms of LTE (Long Term Evolution) availability and speedOpenSignal’s report “The State of LTE, November 2017” showed that the Philippines ranked 69th out of 77 countries in terms of LTE availability.


LTE is the type of 4G –or it is 4th generation mobile type of technology-it delivers the fastest connection for a mobile internet experience –up to 10 times faster than 3G.In particular, the availability of LTE in the Philippines was at 58.83 percent. In OpenSignal’s June 2017 report Philippines’ availability of LTE was 52.77 percent i.e. an improvement in the availability since June.

OpenSignal’s availability metric tracks frequency of consumers with 4G devices connecting to an LTE network in their respective countries.In terms of LTE speed, the Philippines ranked 74 out of 77 countries, the average speed was recorded to be 8.24 megabits per second, slower than the previously recorded 8.59 Mbps in the June report.

OpenSignal reports that the global average speed for LTE downloads has risen in the last six months to 16.6 mbps from 16.2 mbps.A country’s LTE Internet speed has to depend on a lot of factors such as spectrum devoted to LTE, usage of LTE Advanced, density of build and the congestion on the networks.

“In general, though, the countries with the fastest speeds tend to be the ones that have built LTE-Advanced networks and have a large proportion of LTE Advanced capable devices,” it added.More than 50 billion measurements back the results of the latest report collected from over 3.8 million smartphones and smart device users from July 1 to October 1.

In terms of LTE availability, South Korea has aced the list with a whopping 96.69 percent. Japan stood second with 94.11 percent and Norway placed third with 88.6 percent. Algeria is the last competitor in the list with only 41.50 percent of 4G availability.

In terms of LTE Speed, Singapore topped the list with an average download speed of 46.64 mbps, runner up was South Korea with 45.85 mbps and Norway stood second runner up with 42.02 mbps.Meanwhile, India has the lowest LTE Speed of 6.13 mbps.

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