Better Security And Encryption With WPA3 Routers

By | January 17, 2018

If you were considering buying a new router then you should not. The reason is that Wi-Fi alliance has announced the release of its new Wi-Fi technology i.e. WPA3. The next big step in wireless security as said. Wi-Fi Alliance is a standard body comprising of members like Broadcom, Intel, Qualcomm, and other tech giants. It decides the standards for Wi-Fi security.


The new technology was much awaited as the previous technology WPA2 and WPA were prone to KRACK attack –Key Reinstallation Attack. The attack had the power to give the intruder the power to spy on encrypted data transmitting between computers and wireless access points. And that’s not good for sure.

WPA3 has been designed keeping this and other vulnerabilities in mind. First information of WPA3 has outlined addition of four major features. The features are for both personal and enterprise Wi-Fi users. Wi-Fi Alliance didn’t elucidate those features in details but has promised that two of these features will provide better security even if the user has chosen very weak passwords.

The update is oriented majorly towards security. WPA3 will prevent brute force dictionary attacks by blocking the authentication after a limited numbers of failed login attempts.

The other two features are to improve encryption. One of them is “individualized data encryption” for open networks. This feature is good for open networks that are usually found in public places. In general they are not encrypted and thus your privacy is at stake. The other feature is stronger than ever 192-bit security suite. According to Wi-Fi alliance this has been aligned with Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite from the Committee on National Security Systems.

The primary focus of Wi-Fi Alliance’s certification program would be on security and it is earnest to introduce more new features to the Wi-Fi certified family of security solutions. Wi-Fi Certified is a credibility status for wireless devices that meet the highest standards for interoperability and security protections.

However, WPA3 compatible hardware is not yet out in the market but expectations are that it will arrive this year itself.

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